Wind of change from Panasonic

Wind of change from Panasonic

My story is similar to hundreds of these. Twenty-five years ago, while studying in the eighth grade, I like almost all teenagers, hated hats. And every time he went out of the house, pulling off their heads hated “Rooster” and walked to school. Actually, I have nothing and not sick, loved sports, swimming. But one day, coming after the next train out of the pool into the street, exposed to freezing rain … October
Result – pneumonia, sinusitis and severe inflammation of the middle ear – otitis media, which, despite the huge
amount of alcohol consumed antibiotics at that time for some reason, doctors could not cure. But it turned out just a few months later, when my mother noticed that I keep all I ask again – “huh?”, “What?” …

The district audiologist who examined my ears, diagnosis: chronic otitis media. Hearing loss in the left ear – fifty per cent, in the right – almost sixty. Physical therapy did not bring about any results. I had to get used to living in a new way.

First, I learned to read lips. It was not too difficult – if the person had a good view and, most importantly, there was one. The company I was lost in the roar of voices and preferred to remain silent. Someone took it for teenage antics, someone – for disrespect, but I just did not know how to talk to me now.

Then began a period of stimulation – not mine, but me. It turns out that I was too loud turn on the TV, radio, and sometimes can not hear the doorbell, and home for a long time are under the locked door … I gradually withdrew into himself, the idea of ??the institute had to leave, and I began to work at home – restorer.

Circle of friends over the years has shrunk to two people – a mother and younger brother, who never ceased to support me. And it was he, in early December – on my birthday – took home an unusual phone. At first glance, however, nothing special in it, I did not see – a simple modern telephone DECT, Panasonic KX-TG7175RU. But it turned out that the tube of the device has a vibrating membrane, which should help me to hear it ringing.

At first, of course, I could not believe that I can talk on the phone again, because last time it was almost a quarter of a century ago!
My brother and I hooked up the machine and read the instructions, which should push the earpiece to your ear is not, as such, to the temple or to the person – which would be better heard.

In general, until I tried it, I could not imagine how it is. And he could not believe it – I hear it from the handset! I can call the doctor himself and plumbing, I can call my brother to work or to the country my mother, I can order tickets and a chat with old friends with pieces worldwide.

The first two days I have studied all the vibes and getting used to the unusual way to put a tube in the ear speaker. It turned out that you can step up to the normal mode, which makes the phone very easy for other family members. On the big screen clearly displays all the data call and menu, large buttons were comfortable, not only to me but to my mother, which over the years has been to take vision. I was especially pleased that an incoming call, the phone except the alarm and light-handed, and my mother and brother – that Vibraphone, like other modern phones Panasonic, was equipped with a Russian Automatic Number Identification.

For the past two weeks, I had to talk, probably with all those seen in the last two decades! Mom no longer nervous because he could not reach me, but I have simplified the lives of their customers, internally before coming to my house without warning.

ENT doctor from our clinic, after hearing my story of purchased vibraphone, said that in the near future, these devices will appear in many hospitals, patients were able to approve it before you make a purchase decision. It turns out that I still have to some extent lucky: my hearing loss was the so-called conduction type, there are sounds from the environment were lost “on the way” from the outer to the inner ear, auditory nerve and was not at all damaged. For such cases, as I have, and was created by vibraphone.

And one more thing. I am very pleased that, perhaps, the first time in my memory that people with disabilities were not only necessary and useful, but also beautiful, upscale, modern thing affordable.