WHO is afraid of diabetes, hypertension and "financial strike"

WHO is afraid of diabetes, hypertension and "financial strike"

WHO is afraid of diabetes, hypertension and "financial strike"

General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan says: cutting funds and activation of chronic non-communicable diseases – that "two of the danger zone", threatening the development of global health, reports Xinhua.

As for non-communicable diseases, including heart Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, they are, according to Chen, an unprecedented long hampered progress of the world health. Plus, according to WHO statistics, obesity rates have nearly doubled in the period from 1980 to 2008.

A result, one in three adults increased blood pressure. And one in ten – diabetes. Extremely tense situation in countries where early diabetes is not made itself felt.

For example, according to doctors, Singapore covers real epidemic of diabetes. According to the data of 2010, approximately 11.3% of Singapore residents aged 18-69 are living with diabetes. Thus, Singapore falls on one of the first places in the list of countries facing an epidemic of diabetes. For comparison, in Europe diabetes is common to 6-9% of the population, and all over the world – at 8,5%.

"In such a difficult economic times, I see an extremely dangerous trend, which is expressed in the desire to measure how much health you can buy for the amount appropriated. This is especially dangerous for diseases like AIDS, "- says Chen.

Lack of funds may lead to the fact that on some areas of health and disease temporarily" close their eyes. " Most likely, the UN will not be able, by 2015, to provide the necessary treatment of patients with HIV 15 million.