To not drink, smoke, take vardenafil (and other “potential” secrets)

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Food lovers and many trapeznichat, drunkards, bodybuilders “on anabolics” and smokers according to urologists are at risk for premature impotence. Of course, from this disease still has not died, but no one was born.
Who is under the gun?
Passion for alcohol can kill “two birds with one stone” – and functional sperm cells in the testes. Also a dangerous “hobby” to split into well-coordinated interaction of the brain and reproductive organs.
And nicotine potency is not a friend – it constricts blood vessels and impairs blood circulation. Just a couple of cigarettes with high nicotine content to a promising night, and vardenafil need to help the “cowboy”.
“Gourmet herb” smoking marijuana including the extension of its own ecstasies. However, along with cannabis followers of Bob Marley soon need and generic Levitra – marijuana reduces release of testosterone is disrupting hormones, “responsible” for the erection.
Men with muscular usually as restless in bed, as well as in the gym. – But only in the event that the building blocks of desired relief advocates rational food, not anabolic steroids. Last structurally similar to the main male hormone – testosterone. Once in the blood builds up a certain concentration of anabolic steroids, the body “athlete” mistakenly perceives this as a high dose of testosterone and immediately reduces the production of its own hormones.
Hurt (and even cure!) For potency, too bad. Atherosclerosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure themselves contribute to reducing alert, however, and many common drugs (sedatives, antispasmodics, antihistamines) for a full complement of male happiness vardenafil – to reduce the slaughter (for potency) effect.
Stand up for oneself
Urologists offer protection from erectile dysfunction in the right way of life and a healthy diet. While generic Levitra was not invented by mankind, our ancestors increases the potency honey with nuts and Chinese centenarians ate almonds. Increase the number of sperm contributes coconut milk, but dates have a positive impact on quality indicators. But the most pleasant preventive measure against impotence is regular sex. Unless, of course, it is not connected with sexually transmitted diseases.