The only way to keep health at work – to move more

The only way to keep health at work – to move more

The only way to keep health at work - to move more

Work in the office, forcing long time to sit at the table, bad for health, scientists warn. In particular, experts are extremely concerned about the radiation from office equipment. A printers, fax machines and photocopiers lead to the formation in the air fine and extremely dangerous for people suffering from pulmonary ailments, dust. Conditioners also, sometimes, the particles spread mold throughout the office, causing asthma.

As for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissue injuries, they are quite common, as office furniture is far from perfect and do not correspond to individual anatomy. Also, repetitive movements of individual parts of the body (when writing or clicking on the mouse button) threatening inflammation, such as arthritis of the hands. Well, and chronic eye fatigue due to use of the computer and fluorescent lighting and not talking.

The people working in the office, are often headaches. The main reason, according to experts, – swelling of the neck muscles and poor lighting. Also, many have to sit in a half-turn, because the computer is located laterally.

Popular and ailments associated with the fixed position of the body. Eight-hour day on the chair, facing not only hemorrhoids thrombosis, but the legs and lungs due to the fact that under such circumstances, normal blood flow is very difficult, and an unhealthy lifestyle, typical of many employees (coffee, cigarettes, irregular meals) – More one factor of blood clots. The result – a heart attack or stroke.

This makes office work more dangerous than working in a coal mine, emphasize physicians. However, the adverse effects can be mitigated by making frequent breaks to allow warm up, recent studies have shown.

Specialists from the University of Queensland (Australia) examined the 4700 U.S. office workers, counting the number of breaks that they did the work. The smallest number of breaks in a week to 99 times, the highest – 1258 times, writes The Independent.

However, as it turned out, the more breaks did the person, the he already had a smaller waist and heart problems. But the less mobile workers more likely to suffer from obesity and its various diseases, such as diabetes.

The study was published in the European Heart Journal. In them, scientists recommend taking calls while standing, to make "walk" around the office to the proper office employee, and not to write him a letter. Arrangement will also help some bins and printers – not on every table, and in the distance, so that workers have to go to them. Complete the picture of office exercises trips to the bathroom on the next floor with the obligatory climbing stairs.