The feeling of love works better drugs

The feeling of love works better drugs

The feeling of love works better drugs

The eve of Valentines Day, scientists have made a sensational discovery: the feeling of love can reduce blood pressure, relieve depression and tighten wounds, writes The Washington Post.

Commented Julianne Holt-Lanstad, associate professor of psychology at Brigham Young University: "The relations help us cope with stress. Partner guarantees emotional support. Also, the people on the background of this state pay more attention to prevention: training, nutrition."

But Arthur Aron, a psychologist at Stony Brook University in New York, especially scanned the brains of people at different stages of love in order to understand the mechanism of influence of this feeling of health. It is possible to explain: love leads to the release of dopamine in the brain – a neurotransmitter that affects pleasure and motivation. The same thing happens if a person wins a lot of money or taking cocaine.

Specifically, Aron compared the results of the scan 17 people, who on average have been married 21 years, with the results of 17 people, only recently fallen in love. All participants observed activation of the dopamine system, but in the brain of unmarried couples is highlighted areas associated with anxiety, stress and obsessions.

Simple arms and holding the hand trigger selection hubbub of oxytocin, which lowers the level of stress hormones, lower blood pressure, improve your mood and reduce sensitivity to pain, showed the work of the University of North Carolina. And the employees at Ohio University earlier proved that the feeling of love tightening accelerates healing.

Those people who are not in love, Julianne Holt-Lanstad calms: a strong connection with family and friends for the lack of relationships, increasing the chances of survival by 50%. But being rejected, the person can start to ache. Divorce also affects the health.