Swine (California) flu – fiction and reality 05/12/2009

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It is not necessary to inflate the panic and hysteria around swine flu. Importantly – prevention and appropriate treatment. This was explained by the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski. It is no coincidence we are talking just about the disease, because most often it affects children and young adults.
Pediatrician noted that the average swine influenza is not heavier than the normal seasonal flu. However, it has the feature: the lack of secondary forms of severity. That is, the disease is either mild or very severe. And because of these severe and there is a fear of it. Thus, reports of deaths remind reports from the front. For example, over the last 2 months in the Ukraine died 400. Is that a lot? According to Yevgeny Komarovsky, the figure is 2 times lower than the usual mortality from influenza in the UK, it is clear that in terms of 10,000 people. “The situation is not critical, the two countries are not under threat of extinction,” – said the child’s doctor. The vast majority of cases recover for 5 – 7 days. By the way, the epidemic in Ukraine is on the decline. It is also noticed that the swine flu in the most severe form of ill persons with obesity.
What preventive measures against swine flu?
The most effective action – is to find in a well-ventilated area, away from crowds. It should be noted that this measure is necessary and affected. Thus, the optimal temperature in the living room should be 18 degrees, relative humidity 60 – 70%. These indicators can be achieved only if the mode of ventilation and ventilation.
Must also be airing on public transport terminus. And do not forget about the benefits of outdoor exercise.
Vaccination shows children with chronic diseases of the respiratory system as well as to persons who work with children. Clinically tested were mainly imported vaccines, plus they are better tolerated, as inactivated. Influenza vaccination should not be massive. But if a person lives in a dormitory, working in large crowds, or are prone to infection by viral upper respiratory tract infection, vaccination is carried out. Contraindication to vaccination – an allergic reaction to chicken protein.
“The epidemic of masks turned into an epidemic of bank robberies,” – says Eugene Komorowski. So, due to this “fashion” to wear masks, protecting the bank will not respond to the robbers. In fact, wearing a mask is sick and in hospitals, where the debilitated patients. “No mask will not save if thirty children sit in a dry, warm unventilated room,” – says the child’s doctor. It is therefore important not only to respect the airing, but not to allow sick children to day care or school.
When requires careful medical supervision and emergency care?
Cases of the disease, when not getting better by the fourth day, and fever lasts for more than 5 – 6 days. Bad symptoms include sharp pain in the chest, coughing with a deep breath, dyspnea, severe pain in the throat. Should pay attention to a rash that does not disappear when pressed on it. The combination of pale skin with a high temperature (over 39 degrees) also speaks of severe disease.
What are the main principles in the treatment of swine flu?
As noted above, regular ventilation, maintaining optimum temperature and humidity. Exemption from attending child care centers or schools. Heavy drinking and good food. Of the drugs are clinically tested and recommended oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Relenza). It is also necessary cleansing the nasal passages of accumulated mucus. Antipyretics are used with increasing body temperature over 38.5 degrees.