Sport and Immunity

Sport and Immunity

Develop effective ways to recover from intense exercise and injury conducive to maintaining high physical performance of athletes, prevent the emergence of a variety of negative effects of training, it is highly relevant for sports and preventive medicine.
Sport and Immunity
Several major studies conducted over the past decade in Russia and abroad, it is shown that the professional elite sport has a depressing effect on the immune system. Number of studies found that athletes at the peak of their fitness dramatically increases the frequency of acute and chronic diseases. If the incidence of the athletes in the training period under relatively mild training load to the unit, the competition period, due to the intensification of the training, it increases by a factor of 5-10, and before the event – up to 25 times. It is known that before and during the many major events up to 40% of the athletes had certain infectious diseases, which, of course, reduces their athletic potential and the opportunity to achieve the best result.
Thus, we can conclude that the use of agents acting on the immune system, prevents immune deficiency contributes to the best results. It is no secret that the majority of drugs – immunomodulators are chemical compounds, most of the IOC commissions attributable to doping, ie drugs banned in sports medicine. As a result, the interest of researchers of various sports federations have involved natural products or their derivatives, which have similar effects, but related to the normal (natural) metabolites of athletes. Biologically active supplement Balm “Longevity” is one of the most effective natural immunnomodulyatorov and has a wide spectrum of action:
Immunomodulatory (mild stimulating effect on cellular and humoral immune system, nonspecific rezistenstnost body).
Antibacterial (wide spectrum of gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi, viruses, including Helicobacter, cocci, E. coli, and other common infections).
Antioxidant (inhibitory effect on the reaction rates of peroxidation of lipids and proteins).
Hepatoprotective (membranstabiliziruyuschee action with respect to the plasma membrane, preventing the protein and fatty degeneration of hepatocytes).
The set of these properties allows:

Increase resistance to infection in athletes with clinical symptoms of immunodeficiency (frequent exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis, frequent ARI-Competition).

Normalize sleep, eliminate vegetative disorders in athletes with functional disorders of the nervous system, arising from the hronichskogo physical stress.

Eliminate the symptoms of liver pain syndrome resulting from strenuous exercise in the training and competition period

Shorten the period of recovery metabolism (metabolism) of the body after intense exercise.

Balsam “Longevity” because of its inherent properties of BRM-like substances (substances of biological response modifiers) suppresses the various manifestations of immune deficiency, increases the body’s resistance to infections.
In April 2005, in St. Petersburg City GOOSE consultative-diagnostic center for the treatment of AIDS (based on GB № 30) handed the party of the drug. The prerequisite is to ensure that long-term use of the drug AIDS various stages will improve their quality of life by reducing the incidence of infectious diseases.
Balsam “Longevity” – the elixir of the highest achievements in the sport?
Sport and trauma
Injury in physical education and sports occur relatively rarely. Compared with industrial, residential and other types of injuries they occupy about 3% of the total.
Sports injuries are usually not life threatening, but the impact on the athlete’s physical shape, its output for a long period of service, the rehabilitation period is often delayed for many months. It is not uncommon as a result of earlier injuries chronic processes, their constant aggravation and loss of shape for a very long time.
Vigorous exercise, especially in hard training and competition, require a well-established system of recovery and rehabilitation. A synthesis of the state of morbidity athletes of different sports show that in the first place in frequency of occurrence are chronic inflammatory and degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system, resulting from the transferred and insufficiently healed injuries, repetitive microtrauma and physical overload. These include deforming arthritis, arthritis, chronic periostitis, tendovaginitis, myositis, miofastsiity, etc. This mainly affects the most hogged joints, ligament-machine for bags and muscle.
Particularly high incidence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system with professional athletes, to some extent associated with higher physical activity during training. A significant percentage of these changes due to the resumption of training prior to the functional recovery and the fact that the effectiveness of the recovery tools in the neuromuscular system after intense physical stress is not yet fully resolved.
The drug “Propolis Geliant” perfectly suits for the treatment of chronic inflammatory and degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system. It has all the necessary characteristics for successful treatment in combination with physical therapy (MIL-therapy, magnetotherapy), methods of manual therapy (massage), and also in monolechenii.
“Propolis Geliant” is unique, and its uniqueness (for high efficiency) is the phase nature of the drug:

First phase: increased permeability of the epidermis, the dermis vascular reactive hyperemia. Delivery of therapeutic drug components (due to the high lipophilicity) through the skin and subcutaneous tissue in the underlying tissues – muscles, tendons and joints.
Second phase: as a result of increased permeability of the concentration gradient coming out interstitial fluid and inflammatory exudate. The second phase of the drug begins immediately and parallel to the first: for 1-2 minutes on the skin surface appears microscopic layer that requires immediate cleaning in order to prevent the re-absorption and gain back inflammation.
This mechanism negates the basic principle of topical medications, “the longer the drug on the body, the greater the benefit from it” – in relation to the “Propolis Geliant” absolutely unacceptable. “Propolis Geliant” is effective in traumatic soft tissue injuries (bruises, bruises, sprains, post-traumatic cysts, etc.). Use of the drug can significantly reduce the healing time of injuries, aided by such properties as:

Analgesic effect

Relief of inflammatory edema

Restoration of damaged capillaries

Normalization of blood flow in the damaged tissues.

Antiplatelet effect (reduces blood viscosity, while the resorption of hematomas).

Improve drainage and removal of metabolic products of the soft tissues.
Experience of “propolis Gelianta” for the treatment of wounds of various etiologies, including as a result of mechanical damage to the soft tissues of the extremities, in the burn center of the Leningrad Regional Hospital – eloquent proof of this.
The use of “propolis Gelianta” as a massage oil for all types of massage can improve the stability of the muscle tissue and skin to the effects of overload training and competitive processes, shortens the recovery period of the musculoskeletal system after intense exercise, the effects of trauma. To some extent, increases the threshold of endurance – by analgesia.
Sports and calluses
Calluses and cracked skin – a frequent companion gaming and power sports, and satellite, from which it is difficult to get rid. Constant trauma to the same area of ??skin is always a compensatory hyperkeratosis, solid and soft corns. For effective treatment lotion “Spur.” High permeability lotion ‘spur’ to quickly stop a pain, loosens hard corn, which provides the opportunity to continue training without reducing the load.
Background: The drug “Propolis Geliant” lotion “spurs” and balsam “Longevity” produced CFCs “Kalinyak” since 1989. Approved for sale in Russia, USA, Germany and Israel. More than 700,000 regular users in Russia. Drugs and their author, I.P.Kalinyak awarded several, the last of which – 2 gold medals «For high quality. New millennium », established by the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce – on the quality of the drug” Propolis Geliant “and lotion” Spur. “