Snoring – a signal of the disease!

Snoring – a signal of the disease!

Snoring can occur in any person at any age, however, the detection rate of snoring increases progressively with age. During his life, every man, even once, snoring.

The main criterion for determining the boundary between “normal” and pathological snoring is how snoring affects your health. If snoring is just a trivial phenomenon without pathological consequences and does not prevent you from enjoying life, and then to treat snoring is not necessary. However, snoring – sound phenomenon that occurs when a heartbeat each other soft structures of the throat against the current of air passing through narrowed airways.

Causes of snoring are:
Anatomical disturbances, leading to a narrowing of the airways:
Deviated septum
Congenital narrow nasal passages and / or pharynx
Polyps in the nose
Small, retrusion mandible (with malocclusion)
Enlarged tonsils

The functional factors and disease, reducing the muscle tone of the pharynx:
Actually sleep (decreased muscle tone)
Sleep deficit and fatigue
Drinking alcohol
Acceptance of sleeping pills
Decrease in thyroid function
Menopause in Women

Snoring – a signal of disease, such as a signal, such as pain. Snoring, as a symptom of some diseases, can itself cause a variety of pathological phenomena.

To determine if your snoring to your health, you need to identify the symptoms, which may be a consequence or cause of snoring.
One of the major symptoms of snoring is due to chronic daytime sleepiness, which occurs because of snoring can cause frequent mikroprobuzhdeniya brain. This leads to the fact that sleep is fragmented, disturbed by its structure. Body and brain do not rest at night. And by trying to take his own, the brain attempts to sleep during the day, to compensate for the loss of their night.
Snoring has become more dangerous when it is a symptom of the phenomenon of collapse (collapse) of the pharynx during sleep. This phenomenon doctors call sleep apnea (apnea – stopping breathing). The mechanism is simple, if the air can no longer flow into the lungs during breathing stops, and the need for it at the maintenance level, the oxygen content

in the blood begins to decrease gradually. And, sometimes, is reduced to such a level that, in steady state, ie in the hospital, the doctors decided to perform resuscitation. Sometimes, this condition is observed, and the relatives themselves, when a person begins to turn blue snoring before your eyes.
Since sleep apnea syndrome is a more severe manifestation of disordered breathing during sleep, compared with snoring, then the effects of it are more severe.
Currently, there is no obvious evidence that she stop breathing during sleep, even if it lasts for 2-2.5 minutes, could lead to death. However, there are a number of mechanisms by which sleep apnea can affect health.
Doctors have long preoccupied with finding a reliable means to combat snoring.
Most effective: the treatment of snoring with a laser.
The success of this method lies in the fact that due to strict dosage injury eventually change the quality of the soft tissues of the sky. Make them more dense and elastic. Make the sky performs all necessary functions, but not vibrate during sleep. Using a laser provides absolute sterility and safety of operation.
Laser procedure for the elimination of snoring is very similar to a visit to the dentist. The patient comes to the clinic to get into a comfortable chair. Then, under local anesthesia with a laser adjusted the shape and size of the tongue tissue.
If you have any such problems, do not wait, contact your doctor immediately!

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