Researchers have learned: the cause of endometriosis is in the genes

The journal Nature Genetics was reported about the discovery of new genetic factors associated with endometriosis. This gives hope for a unique treatment, notes 9 News.

Research 5640 residents of Australia, Japan and Europe with endometriosis showed that they were four areas in a gene associated with the disease. By Dale Niholt survey of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research states: the work done can learn more about the biological mechanisms behind the endometriosis.

Amongst the genetic markers, the researchers found that women living in Europe and Japan had the same genetic risk factors development of endometriosis. This disorder can cause infertility. Endometriosis is not always easy to diagnose, because the symptoms are different.

Disease is associated with painful menstruation, menstrual cycle, the formation of scar tissue and damage to the tissue lining the uterus. Endometrial cells – the inner layer of the uterus – grow beyond this layer. Bleeding occur that cause inflammation develops and main symptoms appear.