Myocardial infarction: beware of old and young alike!

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Our people tend to go by taxi, even a bakery. For time-saving can one day “pay.” Infarct.
How to recognize an “enemy of the heart”?
Pain in my heart is not talking about a heart attack – it may be accompanied by low back pain or intercostal neuralgia. The classic symptoms of a heart attack – pressing or cutting pain of the chest, which is distributed in the arms, back, neck, jaw. “As a concrete slab crushed” – characterized by the beginning of myocardial patients.
Myocardial infarction accompanied by pain as angina, the pain is longer and stronger. Patient bound dizziness, dyspnea, nausea, until he lost consciousness. Nitroglycerin relieves not always. The delay in this case is death – from the first symptoms to arrival of the doctor should be not more than 40 minutes. If, within two hours of the attack patient is hospitalized, the development of an extensive process can be avoided.
Predoctor care
First, peace and tranquility. If pain persists for 5 minutes under the tongue to put a nitroglycerin tablet, dissolve completely, it immediately enters the blood. If relief is not ripe, it should take one more (but not more than 5 per hour). Second, you can chew aspirin, but in parallel should not bring down the pressure – usually nitroglycerin for this purpose is enough.
Myocardial infarction often accompanied by fear and panic – Take 30-40 drops valokordin.
It often happens that there is a heart attack, as if out of the blue, and even a preliminary examination no signs of trouble. To avoid the catastrophe of heart, beware risk factors (these include diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol).
Preventive measures are well known: good nutrition, active and energetic lifestyle, but no sudden load (employees working in emergency mode contingencies on Sunday and Monday: the so-called “myocardial Weekend” particularly dangerous for avid gardeners.) Highly desirable stopping smoking and alcohol. Heart sensitive to any stress – heart attack because of the defeat favorite football team is fairly simple.
Increasingly myocardial happens to young men – an endless job stress, excessive drink, life behind the wheel and in front of the monitor (and the inherent lack of exercise) affect the heart of even the 30-year-olds. Alas, the young patients suffer a heart attack, even worse than the “grandfathers”. The elderly man, whose “flaming engine” knocks a long time, establish special circulation, in which blood “bypass” the affected area of ??the vessels. Patients in the dawn of years do not have this advantage.