Konditsionery.Chem dangerous “dirty” air conditioner?

Konditsionery.Chem dangerous “dirty” air conditioner?

Air conditioners are very important in our lives. Especially now conditioners are imperative –
approaching the first truly warm days. Urban heat rises – it’s time to buy summer clothes, and include air conditioning. Hardly find lost control last fall from the air conditioner, press the button. And then … you begin to tickle in the throat. The child has watery eyes. The wife in the mouth an unpleasant metallic taste. In addition, the air conditioner is weakened normal air flow, and it starts to “eat” much more energy.

What happened? All the dust that has accumulated and gather up your air conditioner in the last year, of course, is still there. She remained on the air conditioner filter, and during the “first start” in the new season air conditioning simply “let it out” of a part of pollution. During active use of the air conditioner, after 2 – 3 weeks of work, the air conditioner in the apartment to drive elementary dust – simply because the surface of the air conditioner filter is clogged and needs immediate cleaning.

With this “exhaust” from the air conditioner often related health problems. First, the fact that wintered inside your air conditioner is not just banal household dust. A concentrate of harmful bacteria, viruses, dust mites and allergens from the air conditioner. Dust and moist environment, which is formed in the air conditioner – the best place for bacteria to grow.
It is known that the most dangerous infection “from the air conditioner” – a so-called “Legionnaire’s disease.” The disease is a microbe “Legionella” from the air conditioner, which can cause a person severe pneumonia, even death. Disease starts like the common cold: a slight indisposition and moderately elevated temperatures, and without a hint of the fact that all of these symptoms appeared in the contamination of the air conditioner filter. And after 3 – 20 days of the human condition, the span of which is air conditioned and is deteriorating, there is a strong weakness. Patients required hospitalization. Favorite habitat of Legionella – all kinds of cooling systems, including air conditioners. True, home air conditioners concerned in the least, but the risk in any case is not necessary. In history there are cases where the centralized cooling system, air conditioning, infected Legionella, stopped work of huge offices.
By the way, do not forget that spring is on its own – a difficult period for most allergy sufferers, most of which have air conditioning at home or at work in April – May, begins flowering plants and dusting. People with allergies or asthma, there is an exacerbation of disease: swollen mucous membranes in the nose and throat, eyes turn red, the more frequent asthma asthma and prolonged cough. If at this point aggravate human dust from the air conditioner filter, the infection may lead to very severe.
Not safe to do in such a case the usual airing, not using air conditioning? Alas,
air of large cities is far from perfect, and not all air conditioners can with it. On the street it is mixed throughout the day. But when it is a poisonous mixture in a closed space apartments, all dust, germs and debris as fully accrue to our lungs. If the house at the time screams conditioner with dirty air filter, his work can be compared with those of a vacuum cleaner, which first absorbs the dust, and then throws it back. The first of such “pyleobmena” conditioning the children and pets.

Therefore it is important to remember – ordinary household air conditioner filter should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner or every 2 – 3 weeks to wash in water (this is said in the statement required cooling!). Of course, this is not the most pleasant experience – usually the indoor unit has a high ceiling and reach them is not easy. Well, it will have to develop acrobatic skills, reaching for the air conditioner, and buying a home respirator …

Or solve the problem radically conditioner. In the Russian market are emerging of a new air conditioning
generation – they filter is cleaned automatically! For example, the new Panasonic air conditioners with the function of AC Robot. These air conditioners do not accumulate dust, because the air conditioner automatically runs daily self-cleaning function, and with a special silicone brush removes dirt from the filter. Dust, microbes – in short, everything that he had collected during air conditioner operation, output from the vacuum pipe to the street. The main parameter that is guided “smart” air-conditioning, is the total operating time, the longer it runs, the more cleaning cycles will be performed. Naturally, the “clean” air conditioning quietly and you do not report this. The whole procedure should take a few minutes, the air conditioner.

So, manually clean out the dirt from the filter new Panasonic air conditioners you do not have to. The air in your home will always remain as fresh as the first day of a new air conditioner. Let’s hope that the tradition of Legionella and other delights of contaminated air conditioner filter will soon leave in the past, and we will enjoy a comfortable “chill” of our conditioning, without having to worry about their own health.