HIV Study called medical breakthrough in 2011

HIV Study called medical breakthrough in 2011

HIV Study called medical breakthrough in 2011

Authoritative journal Science recognized international clinical trial HPTN 052, on the prevention of HIV, the main achievement in science in 2011, reports Xinhua.

During the test, the scientists found that if HIV-infected people start taking antiretroviral drugs when their immune system is still in relatively good condition, they are 96% less likely to transmit the infection to your partner. Hence, antiretroviral drugs not only treat HIV, but also prevent transmission of the virus. These findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Also, according to Science in the list of achievements of the year is to make a study of the genetic code of the modern man and his ancient ancestor. In particular, it is possible to understand how ancient people laid the immune system of the modern man.

Back in 2011, scientists have learned exactly what microbes are found in the intestinal tract of man. It turned out that every person has the dominant bacteria, which include Bacteroides, Prevotella or Ruminococcus. One type of bacteria thrives when people consume a lot of protein, and the other – with a vegetarian diet.

A company GlaxoSmithKline tested a vaccine RTS, S malaria for more than 15,000 children in Africa. According to specialists, the vaccine has the potential to succeed.

Researchers believe: In the near future people will be able to defeat the disease of old age. And this will help him in the past year made the discovery. Experts were able to identify the rodent cells, which cease to divide, causing aging. If these cells are removed from the body, then we can deal with aging (cataracts, muscle weakness), at least for now.