Habitual drug is more dangerous for women than for men

Habitual drug is more dangerous for women than for men

Habitual drug is more dangerous for women than for men

Antidepressants cause a number of side effects. As shown by a recent study, these effects can be felt to a greater extent in pregnant women. They develop pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) and a higher risk of premature birth. Children are exposed to problems of growth and reducing IQ.

And employees at Harvard recently linked antidepressants with a probability of miscarriage and autism. Meanwhile, doctors know very little about the real risks, not only antidepressants, but with heart and pain medications, because most of the drugs tested on men, writes The Daily Mail.

Reason is that men do not have monthly hormonal changes . This simplifies the task of researchers and accelerates the removal of the drug on the market. In turn, the Dutch experts found: Women 4 times more likely to suffer from the side effects of diuretics, prescription under high pressure. The list of side effects included nausea, confusion, creation, coma and even death.

Representatives of the Erasmus Medical Center told: analysis of 7,000 people admitted to hospital after the use of drugs, showed a large statistical difference among the sexes. After the use of diuretics, many women fell sharply performance solution. So, too washed out, and sucked in a special way the medicine.

Way, in 2001, it was confirmed that women were 70% more likely to respond to negative for diseases of the skin. Higher risk of bleeding when used varfina blood thinning. But antihistamines in a womans body slowly broken down, increasing drowsiness.

Dangerous and antipsychotics, prescribed for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. They cause the metabolic syndrome and cardiac arrhythmia.

In general, according to Dr. Anita Holdcroft from Kings College London, women are twice as likely to suffer from side effects as compared to men. This means that either means not tested on women (in trials pain involved, only 8% of women), or other female biology. There is evidence that in testing the safety of a tool to facilitate childbirth, attended by men.

Known: contraceptives increase the effect of drugs. Plus, fewer women in general, have lower body mass. Therefore, they may need another dose. Then, in the body of a woman has more fat tissue, and many drugs is attached to molecules of fat. As a result, a womans body absorbs more of the drug, even for a man with the same dosage.

Women more often deposited in a lot of money, more soluble in fat than in water, prior to their release into the blood. But the kidneys are slower. All this leads to the fact that in the body increases the concentration of the drug. Reduced as compared to the male stomach acidity can change the nature of drug reactions with compounds.