Crisp diet – the main guarantee of health

Crisp diet – the main guarantee of health

Crisp diet - the main guarantee of health

Describes how important the strict regime of eating.

"A child is born – we teach it to the diet: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Proper diet at a fixed time with approximately equal intervals of time between meals – a system that justified physiologically proved the great Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov.

Body is ready for each food intake. entire body is ready to actively digest food. Connects the visual analyzer, smell, appears certain hunger, accompanied drop in blood sugar levels. And the fact of eating – this is not only a necessary physiological process that leads to harmony all systems can ensure maximum saturation of each cell.

Have a healthy diet, one of the criteria which is the mode of eating , there can be drawbacks. This is the basis of food culture, the foundation produced by eating properly and, therefore, pledge good health and prosperity.

Snack during the day – it is not food, its just a snack. uncontrolled, chaotic nutrition leads to ill health, dysbiosis, chronic digestive diseases, increase detoxification, because food does not have time to digest. Chaos in diet leads to chaos in health. Proper diet, regular meals – the basis of sustainable well-being, maintaining a healthy weight and beautiful figures. "