CPS prepares for flu and respiratory infections

CPS prepares for flu and respiratory infections

CPS prepares for flu and respiratory infections

According to epidemiologists, Russia will soon engulf the wave of SARS. To blame cold snap that has occurred this year before the start of the heating season, and abundant rainfall, reports Regnum. Forecast to surge in the incidence happens a month earlier than usual.

Mite and will make the start of classes in educational institutions. Doctors try to contain the infection to an annual prevention campaign. It is known that the first batch of flu vaccine have already been sent to the regions, and the Department of Health in Moscow has prepared recommendations for the prevention of non-specific SARS and influenza.

As influenza, unlike SARS, it is not seized the capital. However, the trend is clear: a month ago in Moscow to two recorded cases of influenza a week now – up to 12 cases. Mainly these strains H1N1 and H3N2. Among the leaders in all regions of the incidence of adenovirus infection and parainfluenza vybilis Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod region and the Republic of Karelia.

First ever start to hurt children, state the doctors. On children accounts for 40-60% of cases. This is facilitated by the conditions in which children learn (crowding, space closure class). As a result, a child can cause real epidemic in the school. And then the infection will be passed to parents and to spread among adults.

CPS made an announcement of the start of the vaccination campaign. The task – to plant at least one third of the population. This will protect against infection and 80% of the population. But in some regions flu has resurfaced, and sick people can not be vaccinated. Therefore, experts recommend to pay attention to non-specific methods of prevention, including the use of homeopathic remedies.

However, recommends a minimum of three courses of nonspecific prevention of influenza and SARS. First, the course should take place in early September, then – in November, after the autumn school holidays, and in the end – in the middle of February.