Climbers conquer Mount Everest on the instructions of doctors

Team of American scientists from the Mayo Clinic study beginning climbers who intend to conquer Everest. Experts hope so learn more about the vascular system and how it works at height, tells Reuters.

Since 1953 Everest could climb almost 3,700. Retaining all the conditions for lifting the top, experts want to study the work of the lungs. It is considered high-altitude lungs work as well as people with heart failure.

Study will be conducted as follows: each of the nine climbers who are already in the mountains of acclimatization, the specialty watch and a bandage on his hand. With their help, the scientists are going to monitor the health of climbers.

Clock will assess the level of oxygen in the blood, and the bandage will show the number of calories burned and the energy consumption. Climbers also will distribute a handheld device that analyzes the vascular activity.

But check cognitive abilities in a low oxygen content of the participants offered by video games. Analyze the information gathered in the laboratory, is located nearby.