2012 – year of rare diseases, the scientists agreed

2012 – year of rare diseases, the scientists agreed

2012 - year of rare diseases, the scientists agreed

In Amsterdam hosted a forum dedicated to rare, orphan, diseases. It was organized by the Global Fund for the fight with the disease, and the Canadian Society of patients with multiple myeloma. The forum this year was named the year is of such diseases. According to participants, orphan disease can not be cured, but to improve the quality of life is realistic, says, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Professor Xavier Leleu commented: "Scientists are developing, doctors treat the disease. Does not matter in which country created best medicine, developed the best method of treatment. important accessibility. Otherwise it makes no sense. Diseases know no borders. the illness – one country ".

The list of orphan diseases was listed 230 diseases. In particular, and multiple myeloma (protective blood cells become cancerous, forming tumors, interfering with the work of the kidneys, liver). To really work myeloma treatment created only in the middle of the last century (born Sarcolysin and melphalan).

Moreover, on average, from the time of diagnosis the patient did not live more than three years. Currently 10-50% of patients can survive for five years. In 80% of cases are reported from the pathological changes in the bones, and 40% – renal failure. Externally, the disease makes itself felt weakness, bone pain, and impaired kidney function.

Cause of disease doctors can not set yet. According to a U.S. study, after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. of 11 September, a number of eyewitnesses disaster diagnosed myeloma.